"A new musical about love and loss among high schoolers features strong songs and terrific performances."

-Glenn Sumi, NOW Magazine

"One scene in the hospital with Clara’s family was particularly heartbreaking. I looked around the audience and saw many were viscerally moved by it."

-Samantha Wu, Mooney on Theatre

"Piccinin and Cumber sing my favourite song in the show: “Noticing You”, an awkward love-duet between two very awkward teens pecking around each other like flamingos in heat. It was grade-A comedy gold."

-Jennifer Enchin, Mooney on Theatre

"When dealing with such dark subject matter, it’s so easy for a script to go down wrote and unoriginal paths - but ESL is smart. It manages to capture just enough of the darkness while still keeping everything light, fun and engaging. It is impeccably optimistic, which not only is appreciated in today’s day and age- but also sorely needed."

-Matti McLean, Can't Stand Sitting Productions

"The writers' ability to tap into real emotions they witnessed or experienced first hand allows for a sense of authenticity in this production. The ability for this show to weave in and out of pathos and humour so effortlessly further adds to its authenticity. This, after all, is how life works."


-Lauren Gienow, BroadwayWorld

"The emotion put into the book and music of this show makes me certain I’ve seen an early incarnation of a future big success."

-Emily Dix, Stage Door Toronto

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