We wrote this piece together to honour those who left us too soon.

When we first began down this path together almost four years ago, we had no idea where it might lead. We stumbled our way through creative decisions and roadblocks, eventually finding our footing and our stride as co-creators, standing proudly where we are today. With the guidance, belief, enthusiasm and wisdom of our many colleagues, friends and contemporaries, we have been built up by our community to create this work for you.


To all of those who were special to us in our lives, who live in our memories and in our actions, our work is for you and those who love you.

Laura Piccinin (Playwright & Producer)
My inspiration for this show came from a friend of mine, Jessica Paczek, who died in a car accident one weekend in April, when we were 15. When she died, I watched grief rip through her family and friends, in a way I didn’t yet know could be possible. As time went on, I also witnessed a resiliency; a work of love that brought everyone closer together. What Jess gave us when she left was each other. I learned how to love because of what I had lost, and I live in her memory every day.

Allison Wither (Composer & Lyricist)

When I started writing my first musical theatre song, I knew exactly what I wanted to show the world. I wrote a song called, “I’m Here” about my experience growing up with my friend Andrew, who died of brain cancer when I was in high school. He looked at everything with such joy and passion, and he changed the way I viewed and appreciated life for the better. We bonded over musicals like, Wicked and Rent and I knew that one day I wanted to write a musical that Andrew would enjoy. I started this project with an idea of connecting people through loss and love. I hope that in some way I have succeeded. 

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